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Doctor/Rose Love

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We're a group for fans of the Doctor Who pairing Doctor/Rose, using any Doctor with Rose Tyler as a pairing. Mostly focused on War Doctor/Rose (Bad Wolf), 11th Doctor/Rose, 10th Doctor/Rose, 10.5 Doctor/Rose, and 9th Doctor/Rose. We also allow Matt Smith/Billie Piper, Christopher Eccelston/Billie Piper, John Hurt/Billie Piper, and David Tennant/Billie Piper art.
Founded 10 Years ago
May 7, 2006

North America

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3,365 Members
3,852 Watchers
221,099 Pageviews
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Post your birthday in this journal and you'll be added to the list. Perhaps you'd like to make your fave Doctor/Rose fanartist a birthday present or like to know who shares the same birthday. You don't have to give your birth year, just the birth day is fine. This is just for fun.


sal1299: January 2nd
lilPadfoot: Jjanuaryy 2nd
heisse: January 3rd
Ant-And-Rubber-Trees: January 4th
PaulMcCartney1960: January 5th
Deangirl702: January 6th
StephenKingFTW: January 7th
Ms-Blueberry-Muffin: January 7th
GreedLin: January 8th
stuff-I-do: January 9th
CycoHyena: January 9th
Myvanway: January 9th
VashtaNereda: January 11th
rowanheart24: January 11th
kevlev11: January 12th
Wikkeh: January 12th
ele-nosess: January 13th
WHOVlAN: January 13th
Everch: January 13th
DEATH-THE-KID-99: January 13th
fireflyeievui: January 13th
BloodLustingCreature: January 13, 1996
Aeskulapmoth: January 13th
darkshadow278: January 14th
DNA-The-Authoress: January 17th
art-life-laughter: January 18th
Madiswain: January 22nd
Tuiteyfruity: January 23rd
StarburstTiger: January 24th
PokemonKorraDrWhofan: January 24th
awesome826575: January 24th
StarburstTiger: January 24th
FencerAbroad: January 25th
JalexBaskarth: January 26th
MysteryCake: January 26th
Cupcakequeenwis: January 26th
GreenArcherAlchemist: January 27th
ShoyzzFanArt: January 28th
HPFan4Ever17: January 29th
Angel0626: January 29th
Teiturforever: January 29th
Blind-Mag95: January 30th
jesuisuneprincesse: January 31st
ky-sta: January 31, 1993


storm2326: February 2nd
heikeslair: February 2nd
Vivid-Spirit: February 3rd
FrederikeLisabet: February 3rd
FIRNENxSAPHIRA: February 4th
Pinky163: February 4th
NativeShadow: February 5th
SonicScrewdriverDD3: February 6th
Guzzy: February 7th
DarkMaven2001: February 8th
Starshadow16: February 8th
sweetiebelle22: Feebruary 9th
animefangirlart: February 10th
Yusagi: February 10, 1989
Sir-Kiara: February 12th
Abboz: February 13, 1992
Christopher Eccleston: February 16, 1964
maybelletea: February 16th
Jellyneau: February 17th
Pandalord78: February 17th
supershanimal: February 17th
MarinaDW: February 20th
ChiuuChiuu: February 21st
agnesyo: February 21st
Pink-Inks: February 21st
AzzieIsAwesome23: February 24th
Smirkaotic: February 24th
nekoLuc: February 25th
crunchydango: February 25th
madchickenlover: February 26th
TheBritishGeek: February 26th
Roseofshadows853: February 27th
nerdfighter4ever1: February 29th


SilverShadowPheonix: March 1st
xFannyx: March 2nd
22Skywolf: March 2nd
Tasty-Cara: March 2nd
Lecia47: March 4th
SmallBell: March 4th
Cemetary3492: March 4, 1992
xxx-Sorako-xxx: March 5th
AlixPaugam: March 11th
pyrokitty714: March 11th
digitaltoadphotos: March 12th
WhatItMeansToBeHuman: March 12th
aspectofdesign: March 12th
SaraSoulSister13: March 16th
dplover13: March 17th
Dragonwing101: March 20th
Doveswing: March 23rd
Birdhousebirdy: March 23rd
cheriluvs10: March 24th
AliceAD23: March 24th
MidknightStarr: March 24th
cheriluvs10: March 24th
Graelyn-chan: Marth 25, 1987
estathex: March 27th
Alygator711: March 27th
Cynthia-light-shadow: March 27th
Narya91: March 28th
rebsheart: March 28th
jannetjesparks: March 30th


JacqueMatt: April 1st
Checkerz-Batt: April 2nd
PikaTori25: April 2nd
TardisOnFire: April 4th
Leafstem: April 8th
FoxxyFuzzy: April 8th
YouKnowMe-Right: April 9th
lala-lyssaa: April 12th
Mahersal: April 13th
beth-morris: April 16th
KathieGinger: April 18th
David Tennant: April 18, 1971
DiamondWarrior08: April 18th
rockdrumlover07: April 12, 1988
haileegirl38: April 14th
PlushieFan57: April 22nd
ElizabethWeir: April 25, 1994
CornersOfReality: April 26th
Dbljay: April 26th
Engaru: April 27th


intrepid-Inkweaver: May 2nd
GRosie: May 2nd
DegasClover: May 3rd
jjstargirl22: May 3rd
gattsby: May 5th
AndiePeace: May 7th
staypee: May 8th
midnightsun-07: May 10th
KatherineFan324: May 11th
Skarlet-Pumpernickel: May 13th
resede: May 14th
Poizen-the-catbat: May 15th
MiremelArcanus: May 15th
inukag517: May 17, 1997
PrincessPurple92: May 19th
fuzzybutts108: May 21st
missmuffin90: May 21st
Karabone-14: May 23rd
Missfantasyfreak: May 24th
Trixita: May 25th
Pawa93: May 26th
bluerest49: May 28th


EskimoDogsRule: June 1st
DragonFreedom6: June 1st
shakes8: June 2nd
Airy-F: June 3rd
WolvesChaseRabbits: June 5th
Phantom-Fighter: June 5th
Gazdy: June 6th
Antrague: June 6th
Sieg-Phantomhive: June 7th
Flying-With-The-Owls: June 9, 1997
AddictedtotheScript: June 9th
PureSummerMagic22: June 9th
Brown-Eyed-Rocker: June 10th
PriceLessGirl1245: June 10th
RvenclawPadawan: June 12th
cherryblossom2100: June 13th
MrsAlanaDavis: June 14th
Zarine-Aybara: June 15th
rainbowjazzy: June 15th
MeowKol: June 16th
TVnBookFan: June 16, 1997
rentintent: June 16th
RoxasNamineForever: June 16th
clarinet30: June 17th
KimberBee: June 21st
squeakers12: June 21st
Tigerwolflover: June 22, 1999
uneflaneuse: June 22nd
hollow-whispers: June 24th
talathemonkey: June 25th
itsmichelee: June 25th
ItsHannahtheBanana: June 26th
Myuca: June 27th
SpideyzGirl: June 29, 1994
LiloandStitchFan: June 29th
WickedWriter: June 29th
Dankia: June 30th


XxFlameAngelxX: July 1st
Savanahcat: July 2nd
HenekuNya: July 3rd
Quietrium: July 4th
Stargeek98: July 5th
LittleJackie: July 5, 1994
VampKissLJ: July 7th
MadnessKishinAsura: July 8th
sung-me: July 9th
onceuponatime302: July 10th
Monkeygal12345: July 10th
AnikaFrostkiss: July 12th
LoveGrunt: July 13th
Before-I-Sleep July 16, 1988
Draw-Sing-Read July 16th
MariaPereira: July 18th
Miki-Magic: July 18, 1990
Lisondepp: July 19th
Moa-isa-JediKnight: July 19th
Artemisaw: July 19th
rosehail: July 20th
AlexaClyne: July 21, 1995
LuLuLunaBuna: July 23rd
NeddieDavid: July 23rd
ashesto: July 24th
animewiccan725: July 25th
MissGallifrey: July 26th
foreverbri: July 29th
ARCrebs: July 29th
LarrinJarriSheppiik: July 31st


Melstrife: August 3rd
krisskrossed: August 7th
Kaida-22: August 9th
BeckyRose: August 10th
Vampiress-Stocking: August 10th
fragile-star: August 12th
Dynneekx: August 14th
KumoKitty: August 14th
JenniferAndEmmaKane: August 15th
KitRua: August 16th
feel-inspired: August 17th
Danielapill: August 20th
hglover210: August 21st
UshasDragon: August 21st
karawek: August 22nd
Vickerooni: August 23rd
KakashiSensei24: August 26th
Kiera-sama: August 26th
GeneralNicolive: August 26th
Flayari: August 27th
EmilieBrown: August 28th
the-a-person: August 30th
naruko6113: August 30th


Tiadeets: September 2nd
sorryeyescansee: September 2nd
tenthdoctor10: September 4th
Obliesk: September 5th
Rina-Hatakeda: September 6th
XxFlameFrost101xX: September 9th
Airafleeza: September 9th
dragonflame101: September 10th
KouranKiyo: September 11th
lcannizzaro: September 12th
blackrose8009: September 12th
IlluminatiOrange: September 13th
SilverMistSE: September 14th
kawaiiwolves: September 14th
RoseBadWolfTyler: September 16th
mademoisellemaripol: September 16th
Mysticalblackangel: September 20th
manycomics: September 20th
Billie Piper: September 22, 1982
nekodegomen: September 22nd
GlowNoxShadow: September 22nd
KillerSofy: September 24th
TheHattersDomain: September 25th
PJO-Gazzy-Nico: September 25th
Melodic-Enigma: September 26th
rebeltreble: September 27th
sayagirl: September 27th
mistress102: September 29th


HavokKrueger: October 2nd
SenpaiLovesYou: October 2nd
ana-de-lune: October 3rd
MissStrawberry732: October 7th
TheWhovianHalfling: October 7th
DryRouteToDevon: October 7th
Omyrah: October 7th
vanessatang80: October 9th
AvidAvatarLover23: October 10th
elysiamaerda: October 11th
Tygershadow: October 12th
aformerpiratelife: October 13th
freedom108: October 13th
fridayscomiconline: October 15th
blightfighter45: October 15th
XxJustAnotherHeartxX: October 15th
emif: October 17th
onlyhalfitalian: October 16th
onlyhalfitalian: October 18th
Navyblu3: October 18th
RandomWolf121: October 21st
DenaTook: October 23rd
SnakeMorte: October 25th
Tobi-ChansCookie: October 25th
Metarex12: October 27th
RebeliousRebel: October 27th
Matt Smith: October 28, 1982
TheLadyFirenze: October 28th
TrueBlueTardis: October 29th
RipperBlackstaff: October 30th


Pipersmclean: November 1st
Legacy-Cahill: November 3rd
samishion: November 4th
Fanfiction-Princess:November 5th
mishlee: November 11th
Jayie-The-Hufflepuff: November 11
ladypolitico:November 12th
AJ4343: November 14th
PhadedDayz: November 14th
lanibb: November 14th
pix-morgana: November 16th
WillowsFiction: November 16th
dw-10rosefan: November 18th
Gamer-Grl: November 19th
Mistress-of-Emotions: November 20th
wickedlovelyfaery: November 21st
amberflicker November 21st
Igeki: November 22nd
Hannahdoodle100: November 24th
WitchlingSailorMew: November 25th
KimandAbbysaccount: November 30th


EarthboundMisfitAmI: December 1st
UltimateSonicFan675: December 1st
Buchanchem: December 3rd
AbbyWiese96: December 3rd
Seaspray13: December 4th
xCrimsonxRosesx: December 5th
Miss-Dutchess: December 5th
KeiSuperstar: December 6th
ZakkuStrong: December 8th
holster262: December 8th
DeadlyAddictive: December 8th
Altentertain: December 9th
monkette: December 10th
Sayuji: December 11th
booknerd55: December 11th
YumeNoCora: December 12th
destelloscuro: December 13th
158jessi: December 14th
pinkbutterflly: December 14th
SliverOfHope: December 16th
miumiu200: December 17th
Americanaooni: December 17th
PK-Alice: December 19th
DarkTonic: December 19th
SerenaSilverMoon: December 20th
bzuuboo: December 21st
YMPART: December 21st
Jen-Kitamura December 21st
StupidPoptart: December 21st
Candycide: December 21st
ForeverKnight: December 21st
102obsessions: December 22nd
Kayastone1234: December 22nd
xxLondonKidxx: December 23rd
MCRsketch: December 23rd
inunokanojo: December 23rd
inugirl24 December 24th
Kebetchet: December 26th
sjokotof: December 27th
ElenaWolf7: December 27th
Manami1625: December 27th
LittleFabalaFae: December 27th
NamisaKuroitori: December 27th
mancydrew: December 29th
Aoieyedphoenix21: December 29th
AngelSamui: December 30th
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FireVerseCeramics Featured By Owner Mar 25, 2015  Professional Artisan Crafter
Hello there and thank you for allowing me to join and share my ceramics pieces with the group. :)

I have some more pieces here at Etsy and I also do clayworking tuturials over on Youtube here… if you were so inclined. Have a nice day.
darkshadow278 Featured By Owner Feb 8, 2015
Has anyone ever thought of a pic of Rose Tyler at Bad Wolf Bay with a 3 or 4 year old daughter that is half human half time lady?
ZARINAABZALILOVA Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Professional General Artist
wow dude. you gave a great idea O_______O
darkshadow278 Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015
Thanks your going to actually draw that?
ZARINAABZALILOVA Featured By Owner Mar 7, 2015  Professional General Artist
Why not? O____O
(1 Reply)
SmallBell Featured By Owner Jan 23, 2015  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Billie Piper at Salt Lake Comic Con!! She is coming to Comic Con in Utah. Too bad She is going to be with Matt Smith and not David Tennant.…
kawaii221b Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015
Did the gifs on your page really happen in the 50th?! I watched it, and I didn't see that scene at all. I know that can't be photoshop, because that looks so real!!! Is that like a deleted scene or something?
Before-I-Sleep Featured By Owner Jan 11, 2015  Hobbyist General Artist
It's behind the scenes.
SomniumAstrum Featured By Owner Sep 5, 2014
People, go vote:…  Rose is in the semifinal round and frankly, River is far too close. 
BakaRinoa Featured By Owner Jul 20, 2014
Hi! If anyone need a pair of earrings for Idiot's Lantern Rose costume, you can found it here!…
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